Indian television's supernatural streak is far from over. Ever since they got on the humans-turning-into-animals track, they've refused to get off. The saas-bahu kitchen politics might have taken a back seat but the bahus have now turned naagins. On the bright side, Indian TV continues to be the best laughter therapy I get every week. 

Here's all the weird stuff that happened on TV this week:

1. Brahmarakshas

This show is beating all the supernatural shows on television right now. Last week, we finally got a hint of the show's story. The main villain of the show is a rakshas who can be sent away if the good guys wave a lotus at him. This week, the makers took the lotus angle a notch higher. The rakshas can apparently enter the body of a man, irrespective of the lotus BTW, and so he did. And then, this happened.

He even turned his neck 180 degrees, just because he can.

He can even deflect bullets off his head

This show is GOLD.

2. Kawach

This kaali shakti show doesn't feel evil enough after you've seen a few episodes of Brahmarakshas, but we need to give them some points for trying anyway. They are bringing back dead people in the most clichéd way, complete with the usual white costume wearing spirit, something that Aahat first showed us many years ago. This week they tried ripping off Battle of the Seven Potters. There are now seven avatars of Mona Singh to confuse the vamp and the viewers alike.

3. Amma

This Zee TV show is about a female underworld gangster. The show's lead actress, Urvashi Sharma, has quit the show & surprisingly enough, Shabana Azmi will be replacing her. Yes, you read that right! Shabana Azmi is actually going to play the lead in a fiction show on TV. We're sincerely hoping that at least this show doesn't defy all logic. 

Source: daily.bhaskar

4. Vishkanya

This Zee TV show tried to pull off a Game of Thrones this week. Why does Indian TV think that they can just pick anything from GoT's plot as and when they like and nobody would notice? The guys at Vishkanya tried the Melisandre-is-actually-old-but-looks-young thing with one of its characters. Guys, for once get original!

5. Naagin

Remember the famous Colors TV show that got ichchadhari nevlas & naagins in our lives? They are coming back with a second season.

Honestly, we've missed this!

And this too.

Watch the promo here:

Source: ColorsTV Promos

Another adventurous week for Indian TV!