The internet is full of lies. And most people, these days, share whatever they find, without verifying. And one thing you'll find in abundance is fake photographs. Photo editing with Photoshop has become so commonplace that anyone anywhere can morph an image and upload it with a couple of hashtags and make it go viral. Who knows, even you might have shared something thinking it's real!

But don't worry because we've got your back. Here are 15 such photographs that are absolutely fake but you might have believed otherwise:

1. This photo did the rounds a few years ago, claiming to be an extremely rare, extremely exotic black lion. Turns out it was nothing but some patient photoshop!

2. If you wanted to cuddle this cute little thing labelled as a baby polar bear, well, you can't. A new-born polar bear looks nothing like this. 

That is what a real baby polar bear looks like!

3. This image here is one of the most shared photographs of Abraham Lincoln. 

But the truth is that it's actually photoshopped. The original image is of John C. Calhoun, a politician from South Carolina. Lincoln's head was pasted on his body.

4. Took pride in how beautiful India looks from outer space during Diwali?  

Well, sorry to break your heart but that's yet another edited image.

5. While it seems like a thrilling moment during work, there was no chance they would have survived because a bear can outrun humans.

Don't believe me? Tim Sparks - the red-haired dude in the photo - confirmed on Twitter that the photograph was indeed fake and it was taken back in 2011 during a film location scout in Colorado!

6. This photograph circulated as Russian President Vladimir Putin posing as a tourist to spy on Ronald Reagan. 

It's a hoax! Look closely, the guy doesn't even look like Putin.

7. It's a nice quote that appeals to our emotions, but sadly, Alan Rickman never said this. 

8. Lady Diana was badass and all that but I'm sorry, this isn't her. This is someone else posing as her.

9. Stuffed toys. Not baby owls.  

10. Legends abound of JFK and Marilyn Monroe's scandalous affair but there are no intimate photos of the two together. 

This one, of JFK holding Monroe from behind, is fake. It was taken by British photographer Alison Jackson, who is quite popular for clicking staged images of celebrity lookalikes. 

11. Many people thought this seven-headed snake with god's reincarnation. 

Guess what, photoshop got you again!

12. Yes, we've all heard that China's traffic is mad and that it can put Bombay to shame.  

But this is just more photoshop. Here's the real image.

13. This candy-coloured snake almost looks edible.

If only the image was real.

14.  You've got to be really dumb to believe this image of Putin riding a bear is real.

15. Someone even wanted to get Steven Spielberg charged for animal cruelty. Yeah right! This is a real photograph, of course, but the dinosaur in the background is clearly fake.

Don't believe everything you see on the internet!