Mandeep Nagi, a fashion designer, was looking for a model to showcase her new collection when she found exactly what she needed in Kamala (name changed). It's only a minor detail that Kamala happened to be a domestic help at the house next door from Nagi.

Mandeep told The Hindu that she doesn't like shooting with professional models but with women unaware of their beauty who suddenly find their power before their camera.

"The emphasis of our new collection, Cinnamon, is on textures and I wanted someone extraordinary," she said.

Kamala (name changed) is a mother of two and she works as domestic help in Delhi to make ends meet.

Hesitant about the idea at first, she thought about the proposal for a day before agreeing to do a photo shoot featuring Nagi's latest work. And she was the extraordinary beauty Nagi was looking for.

As Kamala stepped timidly into a world she knew nothing about, she was visibly anxious.

However, slowly but surely, she blossomed in front of the camera and found herself empowered and beautiful.

She found herself growing into the process, through the many outfit adjustments, as well as make-up and hair-styling.

Lifted with pride, she played to the camera with the comfort of a professional, and the freshness of a child.

“I don’t know if this shoot will change her life. I know that she cherishes the experience.” said Mandeep. And we can certainly see it in her eyes.