The Olympics are over and we have a sudden vacuum of sports in our life. But worry not, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan has just the thing to give you something to cheer about: The Tirangaa Rumal Chhu League.

Now you're obviously thinking: what is a rumal chhu league?

Well you put a rumal (handkerchief) in the middle of a court and then one person from two teams tries to grab it. Only in this case there are teams of nine players.

Here are the rules:
  • Each team sends one player to try get the handkerchief
  • If a players gets it to his team without being touched by the opponent he gets three points.
  • If he gets touched but gets to his side, he gets one point
  • If he gets the handkerchief but is stopped, then the opposite team gets a point

Yes, it's exactly what you played as a child, but a much more violent version of it which involves:


Yes it gets pretty intense:


And involves feats of strength


It even has Olympian Vijender Singh supporting it:

And has teams that all mysteriously have the same first name

All the pain is bearable, because the athletes have this epic anthem to motivate them (and is presumably sung by the patron saint of the league):

And there's a lot at stake. The first prize winners get Rs 50 lakh, the runner up team gets Rs 30 lakh and the man of the series gets a luxury car.

Oh yes, the Tirangaa Rumal Chhu League is something that no channel may be telecasting and only his followers may have access to, but Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insanji may have discovered another sport that deserves national interest.