There isn't any feeling quite like the satisfaction when you completely and totally get how something works. Like the machine that makes paper clips. Or chefs hard at work making soan papdi. But watching how they're made, that's a whole other level of emotion. Monday morning may not give people the best of feelings, but we're hoping these gifs of how things work, will ease that away. Here you go.

1. This is how zippers work.

Source: Wikipedia

2. This is how paper clips are made.

Source: Imgur

3. Ever wondered how all those under water cables are set?

Source: Wikimedia

4. This is how Pringles are made.

Source: Fill The Well

Source: Pretty52

5. How the tumblers of a lock and key work

Source: Business Insider

6. What it looks like when we swallow.

Source: Imgur

7. The making of soan papdi.

Source: YouTube

8. This is how a sewing machine works

Source: Imgur

9. And this is how camouflage is applied to a helmet

Source: Reddit

10. You've seen ants walk, but have you really wondered how they do it?

Source: Imgur

11. Here's how dogs drink water.

Source: Imgur

12. This? Oh, just a Ralph Lauren button engraved by laser.

Source: Cracked

13. That's how you make matchsticks.

Source: Fill The Well

14. And yes, we will answer that question that has obviously been plaguing all of us. How are forks made?

Source: All That Is Interesting

15. So that's where the ladybug's wings come from!

Source: Imgur

16. That's what a violin's strings look like when it's played.

Source: Imgur

17. Yep. That's how ice cream sandwiches are made.

Source: Gizmodo

Ah, satisfaction.