You probably are not going to read this because of that laziness in your eyes. However, sorry to say this but you have make a little effort (just a little!) to scroll down and check out the gifts that you can present your-lazy-self or anyone who acts like a sloth all the time. Here we go.

1. Self-stirring mug

Because stirring with a spoon is too mainstream...and...takes too much energy. Uh, I am convinced.

Source: Hammacher

2. The oh-so-honest shirts

*I Am A Sloth & I Am Proud Of It*

Source: Skreened
Source: Skreened

3. The honest mug

Just to remind you, you lazy people.

Source: Etsy

4. Armpit stickers

God bless the inventor of this one.

Source: Japan Trend Shop

5. Clap lamp

I am the laziest of all lazies. *clap clap*

Source: Amazon

6. Self-turning ice cream cone

Just stick your tongue out and it's done. Genius!

Source: Complex

7. Poop trap for dogs

I like dogs but I like clean floors more. 

Source: Poop Trap

8. Pillow Ties

What is the perfect time to take a nap? Any time, man. ANY TIME.

Source: Baron Bob

9. Popcorn shooter

The one that shoots popcorn straight into your mouth. Oh, heaven!

Source: Popcorn Indiana

10. Extendable fork

It can be used as a scratching device as well, you know. Just sayin'.

Source: Stupid

11. Baby mop outfit

You are doing a great job, baby. MY BABY...Oh, you left that corner.

Source: Rethink Modern

12. Dust mop slippers and gloves

Let's not judge the inventor of this one. (1)

Source: The Huffington Post

13. Spaghetti twirling fork

Wind up...wind up...wiinnddd it up.

Source: Amazon

14. Automatic dog ball thrower

I like dogs but I like to sleep more (especially when my dog wants to play!).

Source: Pinterest

15. Banana slicer

This one will save you...uh...1...2...3..., exactly five seconds of your life. 

Source: Amazon

16. Organised people tote bag

This is where I keep all my lazy stuff.

Source: Cafe Press

17. Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

*hands at rest FOREVER*

Source: Amazon

18. Salt & pepper shakers

These slaves will come to you whenever you need salt or pepper. 

Source: Amazon

19. Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Amazing these are. Undoubtedly, yes.

Source: Toxel

20. Body Dryer

Towels, what are they?

Source: Stepfreewetrooms

21. Self-Making Bed

Let's not judge the inventor of this one. (2)

Source: The Lazy Lad

22. Self-Lacing Sneakers


Source: Pile Rats

23. Butter Stick

Making lives easier all around the globe.

Source: Wordpress

24. Stargazing Chair

How lazy can you get? - Level 109860.

Source: Engadget

25. Prism Lazy Spectacles

Speechless I am!

Source: Daily Bhaskar

*slow claps*