India is a land where knowledge is sincerely revered. We know that our education system isn't perfect. Hence, a bunch of people have taken it upon themselves to impart 'quality education', and no, your permission isn't required for these lessons. These mobile lectures can be found on almost Indian road. Seriously, if you're on the move, one of these 'educational sessions' is never far behind.

So here you go, lessons on the move, whether you like them or not. 

1. This little moped, that's more ambitious than all of us.

Source: Utpal

2. This guy, who found a unique way to express his gratitude.

Source: guddupuddu


3. You mad bro?

Source: Amreekandesi

4. "Yeh Skoda Laura kiski hai?"

Source: Dexter

5. Samjhi, stupid?

Source: Dailyhunt

6. "After all this time?


Source: Kamyon

7. Trust autos to say it like it is.

Source: Socisecreta

8. Beware of owner. The dog is fine.

Source: Dr Puneet

9. It's your life. Make 'it' large.

Source: SantaBanta

10. Koi aakhiri iccha?

Source: Zigwheels

11. Girlfriend na sahi. Feel hi dede.

Source: Indian roots

12. Proof that English bolne waale sadak pe aa jaate hain.

Source: Naisadak

13. Mitron! Abki baar!

Source: Khas Khabar

14. Make in India

Source: aeone

15. They said I could be anything. So I became a...

Source: team

16. Chipka le saiyyan fevicol se!

Source: 1947

17. That was deep. I did not anticipate that.

Source: Khas Khabar

18.  Because "Road kya tere baap ki hai?" is too mainstream.

Source: Grabastory

What can we say? We Indians just love giving out gyaan.