You finally have that bottle of cool, frothy beer with driblets of water running down it, in your hand. After a long day, now it's just you and your frothy companion as you settle on that couch and you realise you've forgotten the one thing that will pop open this much-needed drink. A bottle opener. Fret no more!

Simply use these common objects you'll find anywhere and pop open your bottle like a suave, cool person.

1. Belt Buckle

You can carry off these stylish buckles with lots of elan. Impress your audience by putting your belt buckle to use and opening up your beer bottle with equal elan.

Source: theawesomer

2. Lighter

It's A-easy. Whip out your lighter and hook it under the edge of the bottle-cap and push upwards and voila!

Source: kegworks

3. Stapler

When are you going to put that stolen office stationary to use? Here is where your stapler-that-I-swiped-from-random-desk will come in handy. Just use it like a regular bottle-opener.

Source: lifehacker

4. Teeth

Use this technique only if you have strong gums and clear judgement.

Source: chacha

5. Use another bottle to open your bottle

Calmly borrow your neighbour or friend's bottle and use this totally cool way to pop open your bottle.

Source: Youtube/skewtoob

6. Knife

Wield that knife like a ninja and awe people with your knife skills.

Source: dailymail

7. Spoon

Even something as common as a spoon can help you pop the lid off your drink. 

Source: lifehacker


8. Bicycle

Yes, why not bicycle seat? Just grab the nearest bicycle, lift kid off bicycle, and pop open your fizzy. 

Source: bugaga

9. Car door latch

If you're in a car crammed with your friends and several bottles of beer, even the car door latch will come to your rescue.

Source: jalopnik

10. Chainsaw

A chainsaw is useful in every way, popping open beer bottles, self-defense, homicide, cutting wood for furniture ... you name it. 

Source: youtube/slow mo lab

11. Coin

There's always gonna be a coin or two lurking in the pocket of your unwashed jeans. Pull it out and proceed to open up your bottle.

Source: Youtube/Buzzfeed

12. Currency note

If one of your notes are crumpled beyond repair or you're just filthy rich, simply fold a currency note into a tight strip, double it up and use the edge to open up the top.

Source: Dailymail

13. Keys

House keys, car keys, any key will serve as a bottle opener. 

Source: bestoutofwaste

14. Bolt

The thirst can strike anywhere, indoors, outdoors, whilst gardening, wherever. In that case,  a door bolt can also serve as a bottle-opener.

Source: youtube/buzzfeed

15. Ring

Your ring can prove a useful bottle-opener. Just make sure you don't dent it in the process.

Source: wikihow

Now that you have been more than successful in your bottle-opening attempts, you and your favourite drink can have a great time together!