After news reports emerged about BJP's Mussoorie MLA Ganesh Joshi breaking a horse's leg during a protest march in Dehradun on Monday, the MLA's daughter, Neha Joshi wrote an emotionally charged post titled 'A daughter’s rant' on Facebook, defending her father. 

In her post, she extols the virtues of her father, giving a detailed account of how he has gone out of his way to help others and that how he is just not the kind of person who would abuse an animal in the barbaric manner that it was. 

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Here are some of the excerpts from her post:

  • But the kind of man he is and what he represents, he is certainly not ok with being called an animal abuser. I am certainly not ok with him being called an animal abuser. 

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sadanand Date told The Times Of India that Shaktiman, the horse has suffered multiple fractures on its left hind leg and unfortunately, it has to be amputated.

Shaktimaan, the 13-year-old horse, was part of mounted police deployed to control the protest march called by the BJP to protest against the state government's alleged failure on all fronts including law and order and corruption. 

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