The metro train has been a popular mode of transport for commuters across Delhi, and now Delhi metro will introduce driver-less trains, which come with a lot more to make travelling through the city more comfortable.

DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh said,

"Initially, the train will be run by a driver for one year on trial basis. Only after successfully conducting the trial, it will be fully automated. Unless we are 100 percent sure, we won't start with driver-less trains."

  • The removal of a driver's cabin will clear space to accommodate 60 more people in the train, as the width of the coaches will increase from 2.9m to 3.2m.

  • The move will increase speed by 10% and decrease energy consumption by 20%, as equipment will be placed under seats to increase space.
  • The train will also have WiFi, digital route maps, and LCD screens with videos, graphics and live streaming.

  • The new coaches will improve air circulation, and will have charging points with USB ports, along with backrest near wheelchair area.

14 trains have been inducted and 4 trains will start running every month, as Delhi will join the likes of Coppenhagen, Rome, Paris and Dubai, which already have driver-less metros.