Priyanka Chopra is known for her upfront and strong opinions on development and women empowerment. The actress, who has been UNICEF's National Ambassador since 2010, launched the #FairStart campaign on Tuesday. The campaign attempts at bringing about a social change using the social media platform, says a report in The Hindu

The initiative aims at disseminating knowledge through a series of short films and help eradicate stereotypes surrounding children and women, to bridge economic and social disparity. 

On being asked about women's condition in the country, Chopra promptly told IANS

“Since the time I remember, and it is not our country’s fault, the whole world treats women as second fiddle. It will take sometime to change that. And the change can only come when all the girls will stand united and ask for their right.”

She further told IANS

"India is a difficult country. It is like one whole world wherein each state has different traits, different culture, different language, different writing, different thought process and different religion. It (change in mindset for women) is not going to be changed tomorrow. "

UNICEF India tweeted pictures from the event in Delhi.