When celebs lash out at the paparazzi for their constant intrusion, we virtually crown them with the veil of being ill-mannered, high-headed pricks who do not know how to behave. You could call privacy a cost they pay for their grandeur, or you can call the world a gossip mongering pit hole, waiting to know when Angelina Jolie turned left in her sleep. But here's the one thing many forget while reading about patch-ups, break-ups, and the new outfit they bought- you do not have a say in it.

If this paparazzi can be compared to your extended family and neighbours, should you care much about explaining yourself? And in this 'fix', are you answerable to the metaphoric paparazzi in your lives? 


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"Is this the way you are going to live out your adulthood..." 

...asked everybody who contributed two hoots towards your growth. Whether you are co-habiting with a room mate, with an ex, or holding the sails by yourself, you really owe no explanation to anybody about the choice. If you are aware of how you are living and why, then it really is not anybody else's business. You're probably the only one who would understand, and nobody's entitled to your explanation.

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People might never get why something is a priority to you, but you don't need to explain yourself to them.

You owe nobody an explanation for how you prioritise your life. Nobody but you will completely understand your career choices and friends, and lifestyle. Nobody will understand why your job holds more significance than finding a partner. You're the only person who knows best about what would make you and your family happy, and that's all that matters. Keep that in mind before you begin playing goody-two-shoes to anybody. And explaining will only mean more trouble, I talk from experience.

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Be sorry if you're wrong. Else all your apologies become pretty damn pointless.

Your viewpoints are yours, so own it. And if you do not feel apologetic about them, you do not owe an apology for the same. Apologies should stem from the realisation of wrongdoing, and if you can staunchly argue (with logic) about why you 're right, more power to you, mate! Whatever you do is bound to offend somebody. Stop lowering the worth of what makes you, by apologising for it. Have some self respect. 

Disclaimer: This however, does not mean you run people over with SUVs. You'll owe more than just apologies, then.

Your sex life, singledom, and food preference is totally nobody's business.

I shouldn't even be writing this. There's no explainable reason why it should concern another person. You need not be shame-faced in front of Gupta uncle for 'acidentally' running into you while you and your partner were leaving the house, because it's none of his business. You don't owe your bua jis and taijis the reason why you refuse to get hitched - remember that you have to put up with your significant other, they'll leave after reception. In the same way, you need not justify the clothes you wear, food you eat, or the people you visit.

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Life's short, reserve your 'Yes-es' for the 'Yes-worthy'.

There actually are very few fucks in life to give. Which means that you should choose the best of things to say yes to, which further means that 'best' is subjective and you know what's your 'best yes', so you need not go through the painstaking effort of agreeing to things that don't make you happy. Having all the money, the most beautiful significant other, and a private jet to wherever you want to go might not be something that you want to say yes to. And trust me, IT'S OKAY. You're not a freak show. Life choices are not made on impulsive arrangements.

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Stop feeling the need to justify your actions, they'll just find the next loophole to cut you down. The vicious cycle of gossip mongering is for the small minds who discuss people (said Eleanor Roosevelt). So stop wasting your lives, and let them tongues keep wagging, not your problem anyway.