This is Ranveer Singh.

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Ranveer Singh has much chill and even his t-shirt says that.

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Being the chill ass that he is, he likes tweeting everything about his life! Even selfies from OR!

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And can be whatever he wants, wherever he wants! After all, isn't he known for that!?

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He's just the perfect boyfriend.

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Remember when he stopped a cab to get a picture clicked with it, all for Deepika's Hollywood debut!

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He even loves Taher Shah, like the rest of us!

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And this is Nutella.

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Oh, Nutella!

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Who doesn't love Nutella!

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Turns out, Ranveer Singh is a big fan of Nutella too, because, obviously!

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He even eats it like it should be eaten. Straight from the jar!

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He posts pictures of Nutella ice cream on his Instagram.

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And even Nutella pakoras *delicious*

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He truly loves Nutella and isn't shy of showing it!

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But then, the guy has a job to do as well. Which mostly requires him to be at the peak of his physical fitness. This time, Ranveer has been bulking up for his upcoming film, Befikre.

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Poor thing, he gets tired sometimes... 

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But looks like his trainer, Lloyd Stevens, is a real hard task master. 

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So what does a Nutella loving man do? He has to sneak in one spoonful before someone finds out.

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But looks like his trainer found out. Lloyd, let him have some Nutella. Don't take his happiness away!

Don't be sad, Ranveer! We know you'll figure something out real soon!