Ever wanted to immerse yourself in a pool of whiskey because your job sucks?

Ever wanted to kill your boss and make it look like an accident?

Ever wanted to get up from your seat and shout "SCREW YOU"?

Well, we've all been there, haven't we? However, some people have been there 'better' than we have. There are formal resignation letters and then there are quirky ways to tell your bosses to fuck themselves because you deserve better.

If you've ever faced any of the above-mentioned questions, you'll thank us for these insanely funny yet effective resignation 'letters'.

Read on:

1. That sweet sweet goodbye!

Source: Dailydawdle

2. Testicular velocity: 1, Management: 0

Source: Dailydawdle

3. When you're a computer programmer but also a savage human being.

Source: Mancertified

4. Presenting Mr. Huge Cojones

Source: Reddit

5. Another example of a computer programmer out-bossing the bosses

Source: Mirror.co.uk

6. Kinda hard to argue with a cake

Source: Reddit

7. Now playing: I quit (in technicolor)

Source: Dumpaday

8. Save trees, resign on a cake

Source: Themetapicture

9. F**k this shit. Time to be a pirate.

Source: Reddit

10. This resignation is the truth of life

Source: Worldwideinterweb

11. Worse the boss, better the resignation letter

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12. Them truth bombs!

13. That's one way to say "thank you for the opportunity"

Source: Pleated-Jeans

14. Because why not?!

Source: Atchuup

15. Is it even a resignation if the world does not know about it?

Source: Atchuup

BTW, did you realise your boss was standing over your shoulder all this while?