Bollywood has many fans across India. As a popular TV channel's tagline goes, 'Deewana banaa de'  isn't something that is considered absurd among those who have grown up on its steady diet. Movies are the truth of our lives, and the movie-stars our Gods.

Those who grew up during the '90s had to pick a side between two actors who were on their way to become the biggest stars of their generation. Two decades later, they have become the icons they set out to be. Both Shah Rukh and Salman have a billion fans, and some very determined ones. Since we are a country where we worship our cinema, it is not bizarre for us to hear some crazy stuff that these fans do for their favourite actors. 

Here are a few real life situations and how their starstruck devotees would respond to it:

Khan-daan zindabad!

Design credit: Suvojyoti Ray