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Feb 13, 2016 at 14:53

Here’s How These 16 Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

by Shabdita Pareek

February is the month of romance, with Valentine's Day being celebrated all over the world with much fanfare. Couples spend the day together, exchange presents, and reaffirm their love for their partner. But it's not the typical exchange of roses and greeting cards everywhere. In some places, couples take a walk to the forest or exchange wooden spoons known as 'love spoons', to profess love! Different countries follow their unique customs and it is fascinating to see how different they are.   

These 16 illustrations, created by artist Marie Muravski, depict the traditional ways of celebrating love in different countries:

1. Argentina

2. Bulgaria

3. South Korea

4. Romania

5. South Africa

6. Brazil

7. Czech Republic

8. St Valentin, France

9. Miao, China

10. Wales

11. China

12. Ghana

13. Philippines 

14. Valencia, Spain

15. Estonia

16. Japan

So, how will you be celebrating this V Day?

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