Sex is more than just amazing. If you've done it, you know it, and if you haven't, you're in for a great surprise. With great sex come greater orgasms, heaps of hormones, and plenty of other things. 

Everything you do physically, has some impact or the other on your body, and sex is no different. It's an extensive workout, after all. Apart from the racing heart, secretion of bodily fluids and the feeling of a burgeoning desire being fulfilled, there are many more things that change when you start having sex, such as the following:

1. Breasts become firmer

After you do it for the first time, both your southern and northern parts might hurt a little. But it's nothing to worry about. A few days on, you'll start noticing a visible change in your breast size and its firmness. You have your naughty deed to thank for it. However, breast size keeps fluctuating through seasons and according to age. But take my word for it, and start looking for new bras.

2. Your nipples become more sensitive

Your nipples are an essential part of the many erogenous zones in your body. In fact, they are as exciting as your vagina. After sex, like every other part of your body, your nipples tingle more than usual. One brushing touch is all it takes to get them excited. 

3. Happy Hormones are in abundance

Sex releases all our happy hormones - serotonins, endorphins and oxytocin. All these hormones are released in our bodies before, during and after sex. They flood to our brains, make us feel light, stress-free, comfortable and kinda in love with ourselves.

4. Your vagina learns to expand and contract, including your clitoris and uterus.

Before having sex, your organs down south were pretty inactive and inexperienced. But after it, they do learn a trick or two of their own. Before and during sex, your clitoris swells up and your uterus rises in response to your partner. And it learns to do this every time you're aroused and during intercourse. 

5. Your vaginal elasticity changes as well

By elasticity, we don't mean that more sex = looser vagina (morals even, in some case). It just means that before, during and after your first time, your vagina learns a neat trick of letting 'it' in. So all your old wives' tale that make vagina looser in correspondence to the number of men/women one has slept with, has nothing to do with it at all. In fact, there are only two things that can make your vagina 'looser' and that is, natural childbirth and age.

6. The way your vagina lubricates changes too

Before you did the deed, your vagina was lubricating in stealth mode only to keep itself healthy and you barely even noticed it happening. But after having sex, you'll notice it every time. One dirty thought, no matter where you are, will have your juices flowing. However, this lubrication will change depending on other factors such as menstrual cycle, overall health, your diet etc. 

7. Your body starts retaining more water

This does not happen with everyone, so blaming sex for suddenly putting on a few pounds ain't fair. However, some women do experience a significant weight gain after their first time. Your happy hormones have a lot to do with it, along with many more factors such as age.  

8. Get prepared for some terrible mood swings

Oh yeah, those are legit. To the men reading, if your girl cries after sex or is moody, be nice to her. Because sex can open a reservoir of intense emotions and it's perfectly all right to feel emotional and even cry out loud if you want to. 

Even after countless years of having sex, your body does and will continue to change shape and size. But they're all good signs that you're leading a pretty decent, healthy and 'sexy' life. So sit back, relax and enjoy your moments and all the wonders that your body can do.