So you ordered pizza last night, but couldn't finish it. But that's okay, you can have it the next morning, right?

*Next morning* You pop the pizza in to the microwave and heat it, but the gooey cheese and the crispy crust is gone. It's just a dry slice of dough. And this is the most disappointing thing, when pizza ain't pizza anymore. 


But, Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn, New York, has just the hack that you need. And it's life-saving, really. 

So, how do you reheat pizza so that it tastes as good as freshly out of the oven? They came out with a handy guide to reheat your pizza the right way and put it on Reddit

Here's a step-by-step guide to reheating your leftover pizza that you should bookmark right away: 

 And the world is a happy place, once again!


And no one will ever know that it's leftover! Not even your taste buds. 


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