Superhero movies are always the most awaited ones. While this year saw many, 2017 will also witness the release of some. One of them in particular is Spider-Man: Homecoming.

After watching Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man series two years ago, we saw Tom Holland play a cameo as Spider-Man in this year's Captain America: Civil War

Source: YouTube

Word has been out that the newest Spider-Man series will also see Tom Holland playing Spidey. But what not many know is how Tom discovered that he was the next superhero.

Tom told Hollywood Reporter that, "I was in my bed scrolling through Instagram. It had been about a month since my audition. And Marvel just posted a photo saying go to our website and find out who the next Spider-Man is. I went on the Marvel website on my computer and there it was: The new Spider-Man is Tom Holland. I went ballistic, like absolutely nuts."

Source: Inquisitr

The actor has been a die-hard Spider-Man fan since his childhood days and will now play the superhero's role, with Michael Keaton playing Vulture, the main villain.

Isn't this amazing? How many times have you discovered something this great on Instagram? 

Here's hoping that Tom gives us a great Spider-Man movie.