College life is one of the best times in anyone's life. A part of what makes college so exciting in living in a hostel. When you enter a hostel, its a whole new world with new faces all around. When it's time to leave though, those faces have become a family and the place is no different than a home. 

As much as students living in hostels love their rooms, they are not known to take care of keeping it in a good shape. Most hostel rooms look like mess and are usually something like this:

However, one guy from IIT-Bombay decided to break away from this norm and make his room something everyone would love to look at. 

Shashank Khanna from the 2010 batch of IIT Bombay decorated his room with beautiful neon lights to make it look like a nightclub.    

Here are a few pictures of his room, which one of his friends, Manishshared on Quora

He has beautifully lit-up photo frames.

And also a minibar with glasses that totally go with it. 

And a very comfortable couch complete with cushions and speakers mounted if you want some music.

And not all the views are inside the room. This is what you see when you look out the window - the beautiful Powai lake and the Rennaisance hotel. 

Wow, man! Take a bow!