First things first - Virat Kohli was NOT ogling at Indian Premier League (IPL) host Archana Vijay's jeans or legs or knees. And if you didn't believe this when the photo started doing rounds on the internet - sparked by one particular report on the same - then Archana herself has buried the allegations in an interview. 

"My first thought was: Oh my God, are people trying that hard to make headlines? Are people so starved to bring people down? We were playing a round of rapid fire and the poor guy was just trying to cheat by looking at the cue card. It was the cue card he was looking at," she told India Today.
Source: b'The report that sent social media into a frenzy. Twitter'

Kohli was speaking about his fitness regime in the interview and was looking at the cue card just before a rapid fire round. Archana and Kohli know each other for almost a decade and the reports made her quite furious - especially because it questioned what Kohli's girlfriend and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma would think about the picture.

"The most disappointing thing about the whole episode was that serious news outlets covered it. It trivialises journalism," she said.

And while a couple of reports may have implied that Kohli was staring at Archana's legs, the general consensus on social media was to make fun of the terrible reportage.

Feature image source: Twitter