They say that God created us in pairs and sent us to this mortal plane estranged, so that we can understand what real love means, in the process of finding our better half. Because what is love if not the bittersweet journey to find 'the one'? For those in the throes of love, let these 8 moments tell you that you have indeed found a keeper.

1. When the little things that used to annoy you are now things that seem most endearing about them. 

Do you remember their silly little habits, which would confuse you to no ends? You know, things like their aversion to pizza crusts, or their quaking laughter at something funny or even their tendency to brush after breakfast. Now you'd rather wage war than change those bits about them because now you understand that those annoying little habits make your partner even more adorable to you. This, right here, is what true love looks like. 

2. When you learn to move past small arguments together with utmost love and respect.

It's not like you don't fight at all, but you have found a way to resolve every issue by openly talking about them. The honesty and compassion in your relationship get you through every little disagreement that crops up. In the end, you believe in the strength of your relationship and that it will let you overcome any problem together. Nothing else seems to matter as much.

3. When you know your partner so well that you're practically in sync with one another. 

You're so comfortably in love with one another that, nothing they do catches you unaware. In fact, you know how they'd react in any given situation, well in advance. You're in that sweet point in your relationship that with just a look you can read your partner like an open book. It wouldn't be wrong to say that you know your partner better than you know yourself. 

4. When they will go to the moon and back to lift your spirits when you're upset.

When you partners understands just how to make you feel better when your days are blue, without you telling them to, whether it's with an ice-cream tub or with just a hug or even by letting you have your own space to sort things out, it's a sign that they trust you enough to shield the most vulnerable aspects about you. When your partner puts in every effort to keep you happy this way, it is when you know you've found a keeper.

5. When you learn to appreciate the quiet moments together.

There is beauty in silence and when you, as a couple learn to appreciate it, you've truly arrived in your relationship. You learn to give each other space, so much so that spending time together, even if it means doing your own thing, feels like a shared activity. 

6. When their relationship with your family is just as awesome as the one with you.

7. When they accept and love you for who you are, warts and all.

When those tiny flaws melt away and you learn to appreciate the real goodness in your partner, it makes you want to be better yourself. In such a relationship, partners constantly elevate and challenge each other to be better, kinder and more compassionate. Sure, this means an occasional butting of heads every now and then, but your partner would much rather squabble than see you sitting on your laurels. 

8. When anniversaries become numbers on a calendar because the little things they do mean so much more.  

Love is not just in the grand overtures, but in the tiny things that we encounter every day in our relationship. It is in the way he cooks you a bowl of soup, when you feel under the weather, or in the way she tucks you in when you doze off on the couch. Being with them makes you so insanely happy that every moment feels like a grand celebration of love. So, when each day feels like a heavenly boon, anniversaries and birthdays just become one of 'those days' on the calendar.

A successful relationship is a beautiful amalgam of joys and sorrows, of discovering each other and of finding ourselves in the process, that is what makes it such a blessing in disguise. 

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