India never attacks anyone but will retaliate and "not count the bullets" if attacked, home minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said after assessing security on border with Pakistan in the wake of surgical strikes.

Singh, who visited BSF's Munabao Border Outpost in Rajasthan, assured the security personnel that the government will do everything to improve the border infrastructure, including completing the floodlighting and a parallel road along the fencing, and their service conditions.

"Our heritage is 'Vasudev Kutumbakam' meaning the whole world is one family. We do not intend to occupy others' land. We never open fire first, but if attacked, in retaliation we never count the bullets after pulling the trigger," he said addressing the BSF personnel on the second day of his Rajasthan visit.

Singh also lauded the BSF personnel who guard the borders effectively despite adverse temperature and difficult desert terrain guard.

He stated that damaged border fence at some places will be urgently repaired and will be inspected periodically. Floodlighting and a parallel road along the border fencing will also be completed to facilitate effective border patrolling, according to an official release.

Noting that some of the border outposts do not have proper telephone facility, the minister said that mobile connectivity will be improved with the sanction of more mobile towers close to the border and in the meantime more satellite phones will also be provided at the BOPs.

Source: b'File photo of a BSF soldier / Source: PTI'

The Home Ministry will also address the shortage of bullet proof jackets and consider procuring lighter ones.

He expressed concern over shortage of drinking water facility at some of the outposts and mentioned that a survey would be conducted on the feasibility of providing piped water supply to all the BOPs.

On camp security, Singh said that the BSF proposal for constructing safety walls and ring bunds on the periphery of the Battalion headquarters and border outposts will be examined.

"The issue of camouflage uniform being uncomfortable in the hot temperature flagged by the BSF personnel will also be addressed," the release quoting Singh as saying.

(Feature image: PTI)