No matter what the people say, being a cop is tough business. The shifts are long and tiring, one has to deal with criminals all day long, and there's danger all around. It's no child's play. And yet somehow, our desi policewallahs manage to stay awesome.

As depicted brilliantly by these pics that display their swag to the hilt. Check 'em out.

1. Forget bribes, they don't even take someone's dhoti.

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2. They know that laid-back is better than six-pack.

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3. They believe in making people laugh. Even if they have to tickle them.

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4. They don't shy away from 'shouldering' their responsibilities. Ever.

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5. They're the 'poster boys' for team effort.

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6. They take genuine pride in uniting lovers.

Source: Anuj Shukla

7. They have an excellent sense of humour.

Source: Jitender Kaushik

8. They don't even need to be present. Bas naam cutout hi kaafi hai.

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9. Indian cops > Michael Jackson

Source: Metro

Source: GQ India

10. They can shoot bullets out of a fake gun. 'Nuff said.

Source: Roger Ricci

11. They always ride together. Because crime doesn't wait.

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12. They know half the CCTVs in the country aren't working. So they personally record everything. With their cell phones.

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13. They make their own fashion statement.


Source: Bangladesh Time

14. They always keep their eyes and ears open. Literally.

Source: Avnish Tiwari

15. They support same-sex marriage. They understand. Be like them.

Source: Funny Pics India

This is Indian Police. Indian police is awesome. Be like Indian police.