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Jan 31, 2017 at 12:07

India’s 1st Underwater Wedding Just Took Place In Kerala. Watch The Couple Take The Plunge In Style

by Era Tangar

What is the wedding of your dreams made up of? A dreamy destination? Perhaps, a lot of flowers and detailed elements. A beautiful photo-shoot? A food menu that brings together all sorts of exquisite cuisine? Well, that does sound fantastic. 

But, this couple from Kerala, decided to go slightly off-beat and took their love for water to a whole new level. Because they just got hitched under-water. 

Not. Even. Kidding. 

23-year-old Eunika, a Slovakian, and her fiancé Nikhil Pawar, a Maharashtrian, dressed in the perfect wedding suits under a diving gear just got married under the waters of the Arabian sea.


Organised by the Bond Ocean Safari, this 90-minute ceremony was attended by the couple’s close family and friends. This underwater wedding, which took place at the Grove beach in Kerala, is the first ever in India.



They created a special stage in the deep blue sea made of coconut palms, wood and leaves.



The couple exchanged their rings and wore a garland made of sea shells as a part of the Christian ceremony.


The bride, dressed in a splendid white gown, held a fresh bouquet of red roses. 


All the verbal exchanges were performed using placards.



Just in case you were wondering how the couple held their breaths under water, they underwent a two-day long training in diving and breath-control prior to their big day.


For Nikhil, who is a diving instructor at Bond Ocean Safari in Kovalam, pulling this off wasn't a difficult task at all.


To add to the Aww factor, after the ceremony was over, the couple shared a kiss underwater too.



Nikhil Pawar told The News Minute

We have always wanted to do something interesting for our wedding and Eunika readily agreed when I proposed the idea of an underwater wedding. Being a regular traveler and a diving enthusiast, she quickly learnt everything and found no issues underwater. After we first met seven months ago in Kovalam, she went back to her hometown and returned a month ago. Wedding was not in the plan then, but since we were confident of taking our relationship to the next level, we decided to take the plunge.

The couple stated that they will have another formal ceremony in Slovakia.


If you're interested, there is an entire video to make you feel even mushier inside.


Picture source: Bond Ocean Safari

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