A group of researchers at Jadavpur University have developed biodegradable energy harvester using raw fish scales. This technology could be used as a sustainable green energy source for the self-powered implantable medical devices in future, reports IANS .

The researchers claim that the source had the potential to support personal portable electronics with reduced e-waste elements.

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They further explained that how a material called bio-piezoelectric nanogenerator (BPNG) is produced using fish scales (which is made of collagen fibres) and how they produce electric charge if mechanical stress is applied.

The technology could help reduce environmental pollution by reducing the disposal of fish bio-waste. Explaining the process, Dipankar Mandal, Assistant Professor at Organic Nano-Piezoelectric Device Laboratory told IANS,

“We collected bio-waste in the form of hard, raw fish scales from a fish processing market, and then used a demineralization process to make them transparent and flexible.”

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(Feature image source: PTI)