As a species, humanity has managed to solve many mysteries that plagued us for centuries. Some, however, like the famous black and blue dress left the world divided. And now, it seems like there's another one.

Here's a picture of a girl's legs uploaded by Instagram user, leanoardhoespams. The picture went viral on the internet, with a lot of people wondering why. Take a look for yourself:

Source: Instagram

When the image was uploaded, almost immediately, people began commenting on the photo:

Confused? Here's another look at the picture:

For those of who haven't seen it yet, that's not oil on the legs and no, it's not even a film of plastic.

So, here it goes: those are streaks of white paint.

Yep, that left us speechless too.

Source: KnowYourMeme

Eventually, people began to figure it out and left their comments too:

This user got it right though. Once seen, those white marks cannot be unseen.