Scientists in New Zealand have found a “bizarre”, deep sea creature which they describe as a “fish with legs”.

It's an unusual creature that seems like a strange hybrid of frog and fish, and even resembles a bird if viewed from a certain angle, a report said.

It was found in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand’s Northland region, but died as soon as taken out of water.

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, posted the news on Facebook:

It created a sensation on social media worldwide, with users calling it a “toothless dragon” or an “alien”. But scientists said it could be a frogfish, though further tests are being carried out to ascertain this.

The frogfish is a member of the antennariid genus, which has fins on both sides of its body that have evolved to be leg-like. They are generally found living on the seabed, and are known to have an extremely powerful bite.

Feature image representational / Twitter