Jun 15, 2016 at 18:14

This Photo Of Justin Trudeau & Thomas Mulcair Kissing Is Actually Fake

by Shalin Jacob

This picture of Justin Trudeau locking lips with Thomas Muclair, in the wake of the Orlando shooting, has been doing the rounds of the internet. Truth be told, it is actually a brilliantly worked upon Photoshopped image of the two. 

Source: worldnewsreport


The picture first surfaced on a satirical Quebec news website, JournalDeMourreal, which is the rip off of the Le Journal de Montreal. From there, it got picked up by different publications across the world, including us. 


The story also wrongly quoted Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair giving statements after their alleged kiss. Many people, including the Mayor of a borough in Paris shared the image which led to further confusion and gave unwarranted credit to the story. 

The story has so far received more than 2000 shares on Facebook, and is still being shared vigorously. 

Source: Facebook


The satirical piece also reports that Thomas Mulcair is the opposition party leader, which is not true. He is the leader of New Democratic Party in Canada. Rona Ambrose of the Conservatives Party is the opposition and interim leader.

Source: huffpost



The story went viral, and we fell for it too. Don't make the same mistake. You've been alerted! 

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