After fighting an ugly court battle for about 2 years,  Karisma Kapoor and her estranged husband, Sanjay Kapur have now officially separated with the Mumbai Family court granting them divorce today. 

The couple that got married in 2003 and filed a divorce in 2014 through mutual consent, but it failed to substantiate after Karisma made allegations at Sunjay for not complying to the financial commitments and he in turn alleged that she just married him for money and failed to fulfill her duties.  

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Sunjay's lawyer  Aman Hingorani told Mid-day,

"We informed the Family court about matter being resolved amicably at Supreme Court and also that the terms are settled. The court then granted divorce to the couple."

On the other hand, Karisma's lawyer, Mahesh Jethmalani said 

"Both parties have amicably resolved the matter. The financial and custody terms have also been settled." He also stated stated that the kids of the separated couple will be under Karisma's custody while Sunjay can visit them  for two weekends during vacations."
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The Mid-day report also quoted another lawyer who said the terms and conditions are the same as they were in 2014 and also stated that Karisma Kapoor would acquire the Khar house that belongs to Sunjay's father. Also, Sunjay has to reportedly invest in bonds worth Rs. 14 crore which would attract an interest of  Rs 10 lakh.