Binge watching (noun): The practice of watching multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming. 

But damn, Google missed out on a few crucial inclusions to the etymology of this word that should've had insomnia, cushions, blankets, munchies and the absolute forfeiting of a life outside the confines of your room. In any case, binge watching TV shows is pretty much a trend right now, and if you haven't caught on to it just yet, it's about time that you did.

We've discovered that apparently there are three specific kinds of binge watchers out there. 


1. The Relaxed Binger

The comfort-zone bingers, as I'd like to call them, are the ones who like to relax and savour their moments through the shows. If you're the kind of watcher that exhibits a certain amount of self control and patience through a season and not rush through it, this might be your type. It goes well with dramas and comedy sitcoms that you could stretch out. Try out House of Cards, Office, Community, even Friends if you still haven't.

2. The Moderate Binger

Lets say you're a medium level binger; when you kind of have a life but don't really want to. In an age of binge watching, this type would qualify you as the regular binger who likes some kind of medium pace. If you haven't already, shows like Orange Is The New Black, Hannibal, maybe The Big Bang Theory should fit in just right.

3. The Fast Binger

This is what happened to you when Game of Thrones was first released, when your friends first started raving about Breaking Bad and shit started going mental with The Walking Dead. These are the shows that leave you with cliffhangers that literally hurt in all the right places. Ones where you can't even try to step up from your seat to go take a leak, "'cause that shit can wait, not my show."

The statistics above are based on studies done by Netflix on the behaviour and mannerisms of binge watchers across 190 countries over a period of seven months. Binge watching popular series is a pandemic right now. If you haven't been infected yet, know that you soon will be.

Design Credit: Aakansha Pushp

Tell us. What kind of binge watcher are you?

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