Touring as part of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli has spent a lot of time away from home. This also means that he has missed several festivals and important occasions back home. While he would've loved to be at home, he would have to make peace with the situation, as he was far, far away, on national duty.

Just like our soldiers, who are at the border right now, protecting the nation from its enemies. While the rest of the country celebrates Diwali this weekend, our jawans will be away from their families. And even though Kohli can understand the feeling of being away, it's nothing compared to what our soldiers go through, as they risk their lives everyday for the sake of ours.

So ahead of Diwali, the Indian skipper had a heartfelt message for our jawans:

Kohli's right. We're all with our soldiers. And we also hope they have a great Diwali. Jai Hind!