Whether it's to celebrate a big win in life or just to kick back at the end of a long day, one can never really go wrong with a chilled beer. Beer is love, and anyone who says otherwise may need to reevaluate their life.

And no true beer-lover will ever be satisfied with a run-of-the-mill Kingfisher - we seek the most extraordinary of brews. And so, we've brought you 15 extraordinary beers that you may not have tried yet, but certainly ought to.

1. Witlinger

Brewed with wheat malt and using traditional Ale yeast. It is naturally cloudy beer infused with freshly crushed coriander seeds and sweet orange peel. Witlinger Wheat Ale is crisp and refreshing with zesty sweet citrus flavours and aromas balanced by a subtle spiciness from the yeast. It is light at 4.5% alc and its fruity character makes it easy to drink at any time of the day.

Source: Indian Food Freak

2. Bira 91

One of the hottest new beers in town, Bira 91 makes a refreshing wheat beer and a smoother golden blend which really has taken Delhi and Bengaluru beer-drinkers by storm.

Source: The Bengaluru Times

3. Asahi

Asahi is a Japanese dry beer that boasts of a clean, crisp and restrained bitterness that would make it an immediate hit. You must try it for its subtle citrus aroma and delicately balanced flavour.

Source: The Japan Times

4. Amigo's

The tequila-flavoured beer has a zesty taste profile with unmissable notes of South American limes. With a chilled Amigo's beer, you have the perfect summer beverage.

Source: Life Hacker

5. Kalyani Black Label

An original Indian lager, the Kalyani Black Label is a smooth, mellow brew with an extra bite. It packs quite a punch and a lovely aftertaste. If you haven't tried this one yet, you're missing out!

Source: YouTube

6. Budweiser Magnum

Among the strong beers made in India, this may well be one of the most agreeable. It's a smooth, full-bodied dark golden lager that will have you hooked in no time.

Source: GQ India

7. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Originally a lager of Italian origin, the Peroni Nastro is now also made in India, making this crisp and lightly sparkling drink as affordable as it is chic.

Source: The Perfectly Happy Man

8. Oranjeboom

This Dutch preparation actually has nothing to do with oranges. It's a hearty lager all the way and a pretty spectacular one at that.

Source: Bestway Wholesale

9. Fuller's London Porter

The Fuller brings us a rich, dark and complex combination of flavours with the London Porter. Brewed from a brilliant blend of brown, crystal and chocolate malts, it's a classic example of English boldness in beer form.

Source: Fuller's

10. Tsingtao

The most popular brew from China that isn't a tea, Tsingtao beer has a high-malty flavour and it makes for a refreshing revelation of a beverage.

Source: Business Insider

11. Estrella Damm Barcelona

A Spanish lager, this one's light-bodied with a hint of bitter. It's got enough of a punch for it to hold its own in the world of bold pilsners.

Source: Brew BKK

12. Aecht Weizen

A hazy barley and wheat ale, the Aecht Weizen is light and has a delicately smoky aroma. Its lingering burnt charcoal and hints of sweet malt make it an experience characterised by deep flavour.

Source: Doctor Ale

13. Amstel Light

The Amstel Light is a malty, buttery beer that has a rich biscuity goodness dominating its flavour palate and its long, bittersweet finish brings it all home.

Source: Insider Monkey

14. Sol

A golden lager straight from the heart of Mexico, Sol has a smooth, mellow flavour and an exquisite aroma. A slice of lime on the neck, and you've got yourself a summer saviour in this beer.

Source: Pinterest

15. Bavaria

Softly malty, the Bavaria is brewed with hints of stewed apple and is prepared to dry perfection. It's a delicious and refreshing beverage that you certainly can't go wrong with.

Source: YouTube

So get your mugs out and brace yourself for the extraordinary. Cheers!