Looking at celebrities on Instagram, checking out other regular people in the gym or yoga class or hearing about your friend's newest diet, haven't you wondered what exactly the perfect, most desirable body type is? Faster than changing seasons, the IT body changes every week. While you're running after the coveted six-pack abs, it becomes all about the legs. The next day, it's about the arms. Some days, curves are in. Some others, lean is back. And it goes on and on! 

No wonder we're all living with major body issues, right? 

Since the time we're in school, we're made to feel conscious about the way we look. But hey, if you thought that being overweight in your teenage days is the biggest crime, things aren't too easy for those who're skinny either. Don't believe me? Ask Lisa Haydon!

Source: DNA

While you and I may drool over her fantastic frame, Lisa too has grown up with serious body issues. 

Recently, on the chat show Vogue BFFs, Lisa opened up on her struggle as a teenager when she was called out for being too thin.

She said:

People always think that if you're on the larger side or you're overweight, then you become complex. But I think, being a really skinny kid makes you quite complex too. I just remember being picked on for being a toothpick. Really skinny and really tall. Eventually, you fill out and then, you tend to not put on weight, when you're older. But when you're younger and if you're really thin, people just make fun of you.

This is not the first time that Lisa has spoken about being shamed for her thin frame. In an interview to Elle magazine last year, Lisa had spoken about growing up as a skinny kid as well.

She had also spoken about how those years made her a humble person.

While most of us are busy trying to acquire a body like that of our favourite matinee idol, it's refreshing to have a celebrity come out and talk about her body issues, growing up as a vulnerable teenager. 

The important lesson to learn here is that no matter what your weight, we all need to love ourselves and our bodies. Skinny or chubby, our weight doesn't define us. And neither does it define our beauty. 

Body trends will come and go but what'll remain is self-love. How about we focus on that instead?