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15 Things You Can Use Listerine For Apart From Cleaning Your Mouth

by Tanvi Lall

Originally developed as a surgical antiseptic, Listerine is widely used as a mouthwash today. The solution is something that is usually found in everybody’s closet but not many of us know that it can be used for a series of everyday things and make our lives easier. 

Here are some things that you can use Listerine for apart from maintaining oral hygiene:

1. To get rid of acne

The alcohol in the solution is a great way to save yourself from the never-ending zits on your face. Just dab a small amount of Listerine on cotton, apply it to the directly-affected areas, and witness the miracle unfold. 



2. Get rid of pet fleas 

Now nobody likes it dirty. Okay, some might, but your pet definitely doesn't! Keep them happy by getting rid of the fleas that breed on them. Just add a cup of Listerine to their bathing water, and save them from pests.



3. To say bye to stinking feet

If it has been a long and hot day for you, we totally understand the trauma that your feet have gone through. To rejuvenate them and get rid of the sweat and stink, add some Listerine to lukewarm water, and dip your feet in the solution. This would definitely relax and give you shiny, soft feet.



4. To get rid of garbage odour

Now, while garbage is garbage, wouldn't you get rid of the stink if you could? Just dab a cloth or a tissue in Listerine and drop it in your garbage can. Not only will this keep your garbage stink-free, it will also add a minty smell to your kitchen.



5. To kill the germs in your toothbrush. Yes, that's a thing!

Now we know that Listerine is known to keep away germs from your mouth but what about the one that live on your toothbrush? Listerine takes care of everything! Dip your toothbrush in a jar of water and Listerine solution and make your toothbrush germ-free in minutes.



6. Listerine can also magically help you get rid of body odour!

Just dab a cotton with some Listerine, rub it on your underarms, and smell like a mermaid all day long!



7. To get rid of dandruff 

A little alcohol is great for your hair. Just add a cup of Listerine to water, rinse off your hair with it and get a lustrous mane sans dandruff. You're welcome. 



8. To say goodbye to the germs on your toilet seat, sink and floor

To get rid of nasty germs, just add a cup of Listerine to water and use this solution to clean off your kitchen tops, sinks, toilet seats, floors, and practically everything. 



9. For itches and bee stings

To save yourself from the pain caused by a bee sting, pour some Listerine on a cotton swab and put it over the bite or itch. The pain would diminish considerably.



10. To clean those stubborn stains on TV screens or laptops

Listerine can also come handy to do away with the gunk on your TV or laptop screens. Mix some of it with water, pour it into a spray bottle and use it to clean the dirt off.



11. To minimise the pain caused by a toothache

While this is a common use of Listerine, just in case you didn't know it, the solution also helps in getting rid of the pain caused by a toothache. Just dab a cotton with some drops of Listerine and keep it on the affected area. This will considerably reduce the pain. Remember this the next time you get your wisdom tooth!



12. To calm the after-shave itches

If you happen to have cuts and itches after you shave, you can apply a small amount of Listerine to calm that fire.



13. To heal your piercing infection

If you've recently got a piercing done, put some Listerine on it to keep away from the infection. This will keep it dry and help it heal faster.



14. To avoid bugs and houseflies in the house

Apart from cleaning your house, you can also get rid of bugs and flies by spraying some Listerine in the air. And as a bonus, it would give a super fresh aroma to the room!

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