Who thought predicting the weather could be this hot?

Meet Yanet Garcia, 25, a Mexican model and a TV presenter who is famous for her - ahem - assets. She has over a million followers on her social networking handles and is known to be the...

...world's hottest meteorologist.

Garcia presents the weather forecast on Mexico’s Televisa Monterrey news.

She made headlines last year when Playboy magazine described her as 'the girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.'

Apart from being a TV presenter, she also owns a modeling school, Yanet Garcia Models, where she trains young models.

She’s clearly soaking up the attention, isn't she?

It's all in the curves. Don't you agree?


She works hard to stay fit and undoubtedly,...

...she is reaping the rewards!

Garcia also has a YouTube channel where she posts her weather forecasts for people all around the world to watch.


So, is it going to be sunny or cloudy? 

Let me say it one more time: who thought predicting the weather could be this hot?