A law student studying at Delhi University posted a video in which she has alleged that she and her friends faced racial discrimination at Delhi's iconic Jama Masjid because they hailed from a northeastern state. And minister of state for home, Kiren Rijiju not only shared it to sensitise people but also promised action. 

In a video posted on Facebook, Niyang Pertin from Arunachal Pradesh explains how she and her friends were unfairly asked to shell out Rs 300 to take their mobile phones inside the mosque while others were let off. 

The incident took place on Monday when Niyang and her friends went to the mosque along with another friend who had come from Germany.   

"I and my friends were particularly targeted and asked to pay Rs 300 each to take mobile phones inside the premises of Jama Masjid. When we asked as to why only we are being charged, we were told to mind our own business,” she said in the video.

Here is the video:

Niyang said that they were not opposed to paying the amount but against the blatant discrimination meted out towards them as others weren't charged. She also said that one of her friends who was wearing shorts wasn't allowed to visit the mosque despite the fact that many foreigners wearing such clothes weren't stopped.

They also complained about their ordeal to a security guard who supported them, but said that he couldn't do much about it. He then advised them to write a letter to Prime Minister's Office.

Here is the Facebook post addressed to the Prime Minister of India:

The PM's office didn't respond but Rijiju, who is an MP from Arunachal Pradesh, promised action.

Here is what he posted on Twitter:

After the minister shared it, the girl got support from people on social media platforms: