We've all been there. Be it a sexually explicit commercial that appeared in the middle of watching a family show or a cigarette lighter that your mom found while emptying your pockets. We've all encountered situations in front of our parents when all we've wanted to do is die of embarrassment. And the worst part is that your friends never let you forget these incidents! 

Some Quora users shared their most embarrassing moments in front of their parents and they range from awkward to downright hilarious. 

1. Ours was a love marriage. The second day after the wedding was supposed to be our first night together. 

Everything went usual that evening. We had dinner and went to our room hoping for a surprise of a decorated bed. But nothing of that sort was done.
To add to the awkwardness, she lit a small oil lamp and told us to turn it off before we sleep. I was all red. Just before she left the room, she wished us "Good night, have fun!"

2. I was around 13 or 14. Like a typical hyper pre-teen, I was playing around with my father's razor in the bathroom. 

I was curious to know how he uses the razor and how cool it would be to shave my beard daily in the future.
When I came back to my room and looked in the mirror, I gasped for air to breathe. I actually thought I was hallucinating or looking at a ghost. All of my extended family came to lunch that day. I was hiding my face from her and others by hiding in the terrace. During lunch time, I slowly entered the dining hall looking to avoid people. I sat at the dining table and started eating. All of a sudden, my aunt choked on her food and started shouting at my face. I was the laughing stock for the whole day.

3. My ex-roomie narrated this horrific incident to me. One fine day, his girlfriend invited him to her place when her parents were out for a social event. One thing led to another and they started to do it.

It was not long before he started to bleed a bit. They tried everything in their power to restore themselves to an acceptable physical position but failed unceremoniously. The pain was so excruciating that the boy had to call up the girl's parents in order to rescue them. Luckily, the girl's mother was a doctor who immediately arrived and took control of the situation. I was so dumbstruck by this incident that I did not even want to ask him what happened after they were rescued.

4. One night, my family was watching the grand finale of a singing competition. When I joined them, the show was interrupted with a long commercial break. 

I switched to HBO where Terminator Salvation was playing. I said, "Look at the marvel of Hollywood movies, the effort they put, the technology they use, Oh brother! You should watch them sometime. Get out from the cliched regional movies."

5. At the time of our college cultural, I lost my wallet which had ₹5000 in it. As expected, my dad scolded me and said I'll have to spend at least 10 days without pocket money.

Three months after this incident, my dad, mom and I went to a marriage where we met a distant relative. In less than five minutes of talking to her, she said "I'm glad you broke up realising this love and all thing brings bad name to your parents." My dad gave me an expression going all, 'What on earth is she talking about!'

6. This happened when I was 15. I don't like putting my clothes on in the bathroom and change to normal clothes in my bedroom. 

Our house had a single common bathroom, which was strategically placed in a way that you have to pass through the living room to get to it.
The next few seconds seemed to play in slow motion. It felt like an eternity. In my panic to get up, I slipped again. Somehow I got up, took the towel and ran into the room. All this while, I was completely naked. Needless to say, I could never look at my crush again.

7. I'd just started watching Game of Thrones. Having no idea about what to expect, I watched it on my laptop in the hall and was blown away by the first few scenes. 

And right when it got to the part when Tyrion is in a whorehouse, in walked my dad. I quickly closed the window, but the damage was done.
A little while later, I was still watching GoT, but this time in my room, and again, right when it got to the scene with Jaime and Cersei (doing you-know-what) my dad walks in, "What do you want for din - Cheeee! What are you watching?

8. I was in the second year of my under graduate engineering degree. We had college from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

I was standing outside the door all scared of the yelling that I was about to experience any second now. I rang the doorbell and my brother opened the door. As I walked in the house, I saw my parents watching TV in the living room.
I got so scared and looked behind. It was a promo of a movie called Aashiqui 2 where the hero was telling his love whose name was "Arohi" that he loved her. I looked at my parents. They were both staring at me. All of a sudden everyone burst into laughter. Well, this incident at least saved me from getting fired that day for coming late.