Social is amongst the most happening and creative branch of pubs all across India. They are known for their quirky themes and some out-of-the-box decorations.

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However, Goregaon Social got into trouble for their creativity. The pub had a church-themed decor with Bible quotes and stained-glass paintings of saints.

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According to a report in theĀ Mumbai Mirror, the whole issue started when a parishioner from Goregaon visited the pub and sent pictures to his parish priest who, in turn, brought it to the notice of the Watchdog Foundation.

Source: India Today

The foundation immediately sent a complaint to the police commissioner and municipal commissioner. The objectionable depictions, as mentioned in their complaint, include Jesus holding a bag, Mother Mary having a chain in her hand (instead of a rosary), Moses holding a computer tablet, St. Anthony shown wearing glasses.

While speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Godfrey Pimenta of the Watchdog Foundation said:

"We went to the pub on Tuesday night to understand the reality. We were shocked to see how they had depicted Mother Mary and other saints. Outrageous would be an understatement."
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The official page of Goregaon Social later posted this on Facebook.

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