Obnoxious reality TV star, professional liar, Donald Trump's presidency has come as a shock to not just Americans, but people across the world. I know, I know, this reads a bit like an understatement, but I wasn't allowed to use all caps in this article.

The people of the world are now coping with the aftermath of the elections and they've resorted to the best coping tool there is - humour. President Barack Obama and his trusty, ever-so-adorable Vice President Joe Biden's bromance, and how they stand for everything that Trump isn't, has given rise to possibly the only good thing that's happened over the past week.

Behold, some of the very best Biden-Obama memes to remind you that no matter how crazy the world goes, humour will always come to our sweet, sweet rescue. 'Cause we all know that Trump sure as hell won't.

*sniff* They may be the most adorable POTUS-Veep team to ever have lived.