An online petition against American President Donald Trump is getting a lot of attention in the UK, with over 16 lakh signing the petition within just two days. 

The petition, filed by Graham Guest in November last year, on the government-created (2015) is now second most popular online petition in the UK. 

It seeks a ban on Trump making an official state visit to the UK throughout his tenure as President. 

Source: b'PM May with Donald Trump | Source: Reuters\xc2\xa0'

It does not however object to Trump visiting the country as US President on working visits. 

For a head of state to make an State Visit to another country, they need to be invited by the head of state of the host nation, and the guest is received with full state honors and courtesies. The petition, however, claims that Trump's 'documented misogyny and vulgarity' disqualifies him from the privilege of being received by royalty. 

British PM Theresa May visited the US last week after Trump's inauguration into the White House, and invited the new head of state over for a state visit to the UK. The petition says that Trump's visit would be an embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen and wants the invitation withdrawn. 

The petition comes in the wake of the recent changes in immigration policy Trump introduced, with the temporary US ban on refugees from 7 nations. 

The British government has however stood by its invitation, with the PM claiming that the US is one of UK's closest allies and that the offer for the visit still stands.  

However, Britons have been reacting very strongly to the invitation. With the petition itself crossing 1.6 million votes over the weekend, May's office in London's 10 Downing Street saw protests as people chanted 'Shame On May', with anti-Trump placards. 

Source: b'Anti-Trump protests took place in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and other places across the UK | Source: Reuters\xc2\xa0'

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of Opposition (Labour Party), said that the Trump's invitation should be revoked until he revokes the new policies.  

Here is how people have reacted to the visit on Twitter in the UK: 

People were not above thrashing the May government and mounting personal attacks on the PM herself: