Do you remember the crocodile skin bag that you own? The one you bought from that fancy-ass store, with the name you can never get right. Yup, that pretty bag you carry to every party. 

Do you know there's a probability that the crocodile was still alive while it was being skinned to make that bag for you? 

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently released a video where they exposed the cruelty of the illegal Vietnamese crocodile industry. PETA investigated two farms where crocodiles were being bred and cruelly maimed for their skin.

Source: thethings

When their skin is to be cut off from their back, a big cut is made on their neck, all this while they're still alive. Then a large rod is jammed into this cut, making the crocodile bleed out slowly. The poor, voiceless animal is then skinned. 

Here's the video that PETA has released: 

Trigger Warning: Graphic images of animal cruelty. Please proceed at your own risk.  

We really need to stop buying things made out of some poor creature's blood, bones and skin.