There were many things that an Indian could take back from the first two days of G-20 summit at Hangzhou, China. Narendra Modi's strong speech against the perpetrators and sponsors of terrorism for one. 

But guess what the Twitteratis decided to focus on- this picture of the Prime Minister, caught awkwardly following American President and 'good friend', Barack Obama. 

An awkward picture of Narendra Modi and Barack Obama. Now where have we seen that before?

Nonetheless, Twitteratis, who know a money shot when they see one, went berserk. Here are some of the most interesting reactions to the picture : 

The inevitable Pakistan jabs

Songs of love 

Between friends...err... Best Friends

Dabang Modi 

Mandatory Reliance jokes 

The Dad jokes 

And... ahem...miscellaneous

What do you think PM Modi was saying to the US President?