Introducing a revolution that panders to men who are insecure about making it "big"; a surgeon in Los Angeles has devised a penis implant to succour insecure men and those who want a few inches more.

Dr. James Elist (may his tribe increase!) calls his invention 'the Penuma'

Implants come in three sizes only: L, XL and XXL. 

Why? Because according to him, "nobody wants a small."

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His act of benevolence has helped 1,300 men develop the confidence!

He is the only doctor who is approved to perform the 45-minute surgical process. He's currently working to get clearance that would allow him to sell Penuma devices to other doctors and teach them how to perform the incision. 

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The Penuma implants have a whopping success rate of 95%!

With very little risk of complication or infections. The only down-side (which I doubt people would complain about) is that the men end up getting too 'horned up'.

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Even well-endowed men are going under the knife, for 'enhanced masculinity'!

A 39-year-old accountant, who already boasted of 8 inches, went ahead with the surgery because "I just wanted it bigger." His wife, however, feels differently about the whole ordeal. "Blow jobs are a little more difficult", she said.

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And no, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket.

The surgical procedure costs somewhere around Rs. 8,85,495.

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Go "pull" that surprise on your sweetheart with that phallic extension!