Anyone who has ever attended college — in India or abroad — knows that drugs are omnipresent. The usage might vary but there isn't a huge disparity in those regards either. The problem is some people picture a few famous institutions as one gigantic hot box and postulate their own theories — just like this Quora user.

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India is a country brimming with hidden talent and this answer — to the question above — by an anonymous person is just more proof of that.

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Yes this is true. Parts were shot in DeeTee and Cafe18.
Also, the character of Walter White from Breaking Bad was based on the life of one of our professors. Pablo Escobar was never killed, he escaped from Colombia and now secretly stays in a 4 sharing common bathroom in D-Block. The Wire which is a multiple Emmy winning series is based on the drug problem in Manipal. Our director runs the biggest Malana cream factory south of the Narmada. One line of cocaine is complimentary in foodcourt during breakfast. Each hostel has a room dedicated to growing Marijuana. There is an elective "Art of Rolling a Joint" which is offered to students in the 7th semester by Snoop Dogg who comes to Manipal as a visiting professor. All the South American drug cartel bosses have done distance learning MBA from TAPMI.
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There's a reason why foodcourt calls it "High Tea", all the snacks including samosas and brownies are made with weed. The Pharmaceutical College of Manipal is the best in the country, now you know why. Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel made the highest offer during the last placement season. Other MNCs include the Yakuza, Chinese Triads, Taliban, D-Company. Patanjali is planning to foray into medical marijuana, so they took 5 Biotech graduates. If you show your Manipal student ID card to any drug dealer in the world, you get 15% discount. Train tickets to Gokarna are free.

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Well, if only we knew who this person was. (Just wanted to say Hi.)

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