May 14, 2016 at 20:02

15 Photos Of Women That Everyone Needs To See Because This Is What Real Women Look Like

by Shalin Jacob

If you're a few pounds extra than what's deemed appropriate, you'll be schooled. You'll be called names and you'll be bullied left, right and centre. It doesn't take time for people to pick on those who do not adhere to the 'conventional'. And thanks to fashion magazines, and porn, our definition of a perfect body has been so skewed that we've forgotten how real women look like. 

We're so deeply influenced by what the media shows us that we forget that the bodies we see aren't the true, or the only definition of beautiful. Every woman is beautiful, no matter the size. Her subtle curves, her voluptuousness or her petite body are all proof that she is a wonder hand-crafted by the Gods.   

So, here are a few women in all their bodily glory because this is how real women look like:

Source: facebook/TheNuProject


Source: facebook/The NUProject


Source: dailydot


Source: BhumikaBPhotography


Source: facebook/TheNuProject


Source: independent


Source: LioraKPhotography


Source: squarespace


Source: adweek


Source: facebook/TheNUproject


Source: facebook/Thenudephotogrpahy


Source: Facebook/TheNuProject


Source: Facebook/TheNuProject




Source: huffpost


Every body tells a story, and each story is as beautiful as the next one. So, stop body shaming.

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