Animal hybrids and cross breeding are real things, but what if, just what if, we could put an elephant and a lion together? Or, a fish and a cat? Imagine the possibilities! Who wants to check out amazing alien life in the universe when there's so much freaky stuff right here on our planet. A bunch of Photoshop geniuses decided to do just that. They put together everyday animals in a cross-breed and created some of the most imaginative and mythical creatures.   

Here are 20 awesome animal hybrids that'll get you day dreaming.

1. The Majestic 'Butterphant'.

2. A 'Canguin'.

3. The 'Kowla'.

4. The 'Catmeleon'.

5. Or, how about a 'Duckit'.

6. Fly you crazy 'Owlpard'.

7.  We all love tiny 'Dicks'.

8. Give it a banana. That crazy 'Babird'.

9. This 'Fig' bacon tastes funny.

10. That 'Owlorilla' is so damn cool.

11. What a 'Punk'.

12. What a majestic 'Tigeraffe'.

13. Something seems wrong with the 'Pigetee'.

14. OMG! 'Owlves'.

15. 'Guinea Lions' are the leading cause of cuteness in the world.

16. How about a ride with an 'Horgle'.

17. Sexiness is his thing. That 'Pugarilla'.

18. A 'Killer Penguin' in it's natural habitat.

19. A 'Peagle'.

20. This 'Zebrog' is so adorable.

I want one of these mutated freaks!

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