If you thought the Pokémon fever that infected the world with the mobile phone game a few months ago has died down, you're wrong. An artist has come up with another product that will make Pokémon fans jump up in delight. 

Texas-based artist Lauren has created Pokeball Terrariums. These beautiful looking Pokeballs show your favourite Pokémon in their natural habitat. And if you think getting them is any easier than catching virtual Pokémon on your smartphones, you're wrong. According to the artist, they have been in huge demand and she already has more than 100 people waiting in line to get their hands on these miniature terrariums. 

In case you are wondering what a terrarium is, it basically means a small container where plants are grown. And no, these are not terrariums, in the traditional sense, because the plants used are fake.

However, they are adorable and you must check them out now! 

1. Eevee

2. Leafeon

3. Jolteon

4. Slowpoke

5. Charmeleon

6. Dragonair

7. Bulbasaur

8. Charizard

9. Electabuzz

10. Lapras

11. Rattata

12. Weezing

13. Vileplume

14. Pikachu

15. Mewtwo

16. Mudkip

17. Horsey

18. Clefairy

19. Slowbro

20. Charmander

21. Tauros

22. Scyther

23. Flareon

24. Bellossom

25. Meowth

Pretty cool, right?

The sad thing is, Lauren is currently shipping only in the USA. But don't worry, for everyone living outside the United States, she has given out her trade secret. She has created a video tutorial for anyone who is interested in making one for themselves.