On a global scale, India is not one of the tallest countries around. That title goes to the Dutch, followed by the folks of the Scandinavian region like the Swedes, Danish or Norwegians. However, studies suggest that India's average height is increasing. From an average height (for males) of 5'3" in 1914, we are now at 5'5". Not a very tall accomplishment, but a favourable growth, nonetheless. So who has been contributing to this the most? The answer to that is, the gabru jawans of Punjab. In fact, Punjab is the tallest state in India.

While there are many factors than can contribute to the height of an individual like genes, food & environment, which is the main influencing factor here? 

Now genes is something that cannot be changed but food definitely can be. And Punjabi food is second to none. Be it taste, quality or quantity wise. I'm sure our completely fit national hockey team captain would agree!

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Or how about these two guys who are making us proud on a global scale as well?

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But how much does food really affect a person's height? 

When you are growing up, calories are directly related to the height.

-Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Anjali Hooda 

And the thing about Punjabi food is that it is very rich in calories. For a better contrast, let's compare it to the food people eat in Jharkhand, which is incidentally amongst the shortest states in India.

Jharkhandi food like Basi bhat (250ml) has around 150 - 200 cal and 2 Pooris or Paranthas will have around 200 - 300 cal. On the other hand, Butter Chicken & Rajma (250ml) each have 200 cal while a glass of Lassi (700ml) contains 1000 calories. 

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The other important thing to keep in mind is that people in Punjab eat more in a single sitting compared to most states, which automatically contributes to the consumption of calories. 

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The average guy in Punjab has a height of 168.6 cm which is around 5'6.4" and an average Jharkhandi lad has a height of 162.7 cm which is around 5'4".

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To understand this better, watch this video by History TV18:

All the more reason to love our brothers from Punjab, isn't it?

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