The function of clothing tags is usually reserved for providing basic information and instructions regarding the material and how to maintain it. But every now and then comes along a tag that breaks through the clutter and becomes a memorable one. Creating such unconventional tags can prove to be a winning move for brands because who doesn't like to be amused? Or impressed? Especially when it’s unexpected.

Here are some unique examples that make for good entertainment. Enjoy!

Did you floss today?

Who wants free advice?

That blinding fluorescent green surely helped.

Rules of laundry. Part 1.

Probably not the best good luck charm.

The art of staying anonymous.

Respect thy booty.

Too bad if you prefer junk.

Made in Japan.

Only if you want to.

When imagination runs wild.

Only cuddling allowed.

Did you know that happy people wear matching socks?

Got it? You better.

Talk about high maintenance.